Friday, September 12, 2008

Chester: Cold Blooded Killer of Mice

I was really pleased with the turn out of this little close up of Chester. Just another in the series of the many moods of Chester. More to come. Prints available.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Vineyard on Siskiyou

Painted on location, this place is wonderful! It is less than a mile from my home and is extremely scenic. I was in heaven! The weather was perfect. It feels like fall is in the air already.

Somewhere in the Oak forest

The lupine are so abundant here! They add great color to a simple forest scene.

More Roses

Some beautful roses that grow at the resort. The gardners here are expert! They knowexactly what to plant and where! The result is truly artistic.

Trumpet Flower

I think that is what this flower is called? Anyway it is beautiful!
This was painted in a one hour demo for the students who came to my recent workshop.
Even though it was a "quick" one, I was very happy with the results! That dosn't happen very often.